The 2017 Kick Off!

It all begins this Sunday, March 5th! Tu Maraca!!!

First Rehearsal this Sunday! (March 5th)

Rehearsal starts at 2pm. We will be meeting at Portland Abbey Arts again, the church just off of Lombard by Cha Cha Cha’s. They have been so generous to us. If you have a minute, give them a review on Facebook or Google.

Instrument Allocation

If you need an instrument, be sure to be on the early side of things. The building will open at 1:30. We will be assigning instruments and logging who has what. If you can help out with assigning instruments, we could use a couple of volunteers! Let us know.


Sunday will be a bit of a potluck for anyone interested. Bring a dish and we will eat at the end of rehearsal!


We will be ready to start accepting dues on Sunday. We accept all forms, but cash and check are preferred. Make checks out to MARACATUpdx. We will also have a swiper for credit cards.


We will be adding (4) songs into the mix this year from Estrela:

Badué, Clareia, Tambores do Estrela, and Olelea.

You can visit and find videos, lyrics, lead sheets and more!

Last Chance to Sign Up

This is the last week to sign up. It’s now or never for 2017. Sign up period closes Sunday, March 5th at the end of the rehearsal. If you are still waiting to sign up or know someone else who is (Drummers, Singers, or Dancers), the sign up form is located here:

Mpdx 2017 Sign Up Form


See you all soon!


~ Mpdx