Great stuff on Sunday! This week is going to be another great rehearsal. We will start this week with the two pieces we finished with last weekend and give them a good go around (Nago and Vou, Eu Vou). Please, be ready to go by 5:30!



Here’s a great chance to buy one! Our member, Dev of Seattle, is putting in an order from, a great place to order some of the best instruments. You can reach him at:


POLL: Who’s Available?  MARCH 18th in Portland & APRIL 9th in Seattle

We have posted a poll on the MARACATUpdx Facebook Group. Please, RSVP ASAP with your availability for these two upcoming gigs! Thank you!!!

March 18th is at the Analog Cafe here in Portland. The 9th of April is in Seattle as a part of the World Rhythm Festival. All classes/events are free at the World Rhythm Festival and this year Beto and Steve will both be teaching workshops on Maracatu and Samba de Roda.



Take time to review everything this week and make sure it makes sense. Write down your questions and either bring them to rehearsal or send us a note now.

Everything is on the Website: REPERTOIRE

Including a link to Beto’s new audio recording: MARACATU SONGS: Sung, Spoken and Explained by Beto Guimaraes. (More tracks to come.)


See you soon!


With Love,