Woot! Woot! MARACATUpdx is gearing up for an exciting season, with new endeavors and more maracatu! We are setting out to create more opportunities for our community to experience and participate in Brazilian culture, namely maracatu de baque virado. For more on our Mission and Vision, you can visit our About page.



Parades and Cultural EventsNW FOLKLIFE 2014

This year we have three shows on the books:

18 MARCH – Brazilian Carnaval, the Analog Cafe
29 MAY – Folklife Festival, Seattle Center
19 JUNE – Portland Pride Parade, Downtown Portland

For a complete overview of all the rehearsals and other events, see our Calendar.


Getting Kids Involved In Brazilian Culture

We are starting a Youth Maracatu in Portsmouth. Rehearsing in the same facility we use, the Abbey Arts Center, we will begin reaching out to youth in the neighborhood. The hope is to provide a fun atmosphere for creativity and self-expression rooted in the history and traditions of Maracatu. We are shooting to have them parade in the St. John’s festival on May 14th and maybe again at the end of the summer.

The group will meet for 45 minutes each week before MARACATUpdx rehearsals. We hope that some of our participants will help us give back by volunteering some time to work with, and meet the youth.
If you are interested in helping once or more regularly, let us know that you would like to be a Maracatu MentorYou don’t have to be the best player to play a major role in the lives of these kids!


Helping Kids Make Music

There are many kids in the greater Portland Area and we would like to help them while partnering with other organizations throughout the Portland Metro Area. This year we plan to donate a minimum of $500 dollars to students wanting to attending a summer music camp of any kind. Recipients will be elected by area School (Music) Teachers and chosen by a group of our members.

Please, let us know if you would like to be part of the Scholarship Selection Team.

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Bringing Brazil To Portland

As we strive to create engagement in Brazilian Music. One of our means to that end is sponsoring workshops and bringing Brazilians to Portland. This year we are very excited to sponsor Pitoco de Aira, Contra-Mestre (assistant director) of Estrela Brilhante after his time at California Brazil Camp.

This Fall we will host multiple workshops and events with Pitoco. More details to come soon.


Sharing Brazil Through What We Do

One of the ways we want to share Brazilian Culture is by showcasing the effects it has had on our community. Last year we set out to do a recording and learned a lot from the experience. This year we are determined (and better prepared) to produce our first CD! …and possibly a mini video documentary (10 minutes tops); the hope being that we can share the outcome of our efforts and the joy that we have while playing with others!

*Things that are NEW this year!




10947400_1131923796823102_2282362672895437652_oThe biggest difference is made by YOU! And everyone that gets involved. This year we have raised the dues from $20 to $25 for the entire season. Our Summer Season runs roughly 4-5 months. So that’s about $5 a month. Our dues are a simple way of saying, “I am in and I don’t JUST want to play. I want to share this experience and music with the youth and adults in our community.” We thank you for your support and contribution!


This year we are excited to introduce new opportunities to donate and, in return, receive all sorts of cool things for doing so! More to details to come soon.


We currently partner with Abbey Arts who provides the location for our rehearsals and, this year, the location for the Youth Ensemble. We look forward to working with teachers in the area and local non-profits providing summer camps as we roll out our first year of scholarships, too!

Are you in?

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