Week one is upon us! Sunday (FEB 21) will be our first rehearsal. For information on the when and where, look no further than our 2016 Season page on the website.


We are constantly trying to simplify the way we do things. Last year, we tried communicating via Team Cowboy and this year we already tried Teamer. We are going to make the last and FINAL change for the foreseeable future. For play by play updates on rehearsals, gigs, content, etc. PLEASE, please, please… join our Facebook Group:

MARACATUpdx Facebook Group

This is different from the Facebook “Fan Page” and will be our default method of communication. We know that some of you are not on Facebook. The majority are. So we apologize to those of you who are not. You can always check the website or find a friend to help keep you informed.


bonecosbeatlesWe have some new projects for the year that we think will be fun. Help out with any or all!

  1. Youth Maracatu – will meet an hour or so before our rehearsal.
  2. Summer School Scholarships – we will need people to choose recipients.
  3. Bonecos – we want to make some bonecos this year!
  4. Estandarte – we have been thinking about making one of these, too. 


Dues are $25 dollars for the whole season. You can begin paying those to Dianna on Sunday.


We will have some instruments available. Please, let us know if you need one of ours. You can also buy one! Our member, Dev of Seattle, is putting in an order from Kalango.com, a great place to order some of the best instruments. You can reach him at: dev@vamola.org.

That’s it. We are looking forward to seeing you Sunday! Look at the General Repertoire to help refresh and prepare.